WFH Virtual Summit to feature VWD and professional tracks

The WFH Virtual Summit: Connecting the Global Bleeding Disorders Community, is fast approaching! Participants taking part in this important event—held from June 14 to 19, 2020—will have a unique opportunity to connect with the global bleeding disorders community and increase their knowledge of new developments in bleeding disorders care. The WFH Virtual Summit is free, so please register today! If you’ve already registered your interest, remember that you still need to click the registration link below complete the process and get full access to everything the WFH Virtual Summit has to offer.

Join us for a patient-focused preview of two of the recommendations resulting from the international collaboration to develop guidelines for the diagnosis and management of von Willebrand disease (VWD), ahead of publication later this year. Learn why international clinical guidelines are particularly important to this community, how they were developed, and the important contributions of various stakeholders throughout the process. Glenn Pierce, MD, PhD, WFH Vice-President, Medical, highlights the importance of bringing awareness to VWD. Watch his video here:

Each day, the WFH Virtual Summit will highlight each of the WFH multidisciplinary professional disciplines. Healthcare professionals active in the dental, laboratory sciences, musculoskeletal, psychosocial and nurses fields will all be able to participate in sessions tailored to their needs.

Kate Khair, WFH Nurses Program Chair discusses the robust Professional Track here:

The Dental Committee is proud to present the dental track at the WFH Virtual Summit with a truly global representation of presenters, speaking on a broad range of topics related to the oral health of individuals with inherited bleeding disorders.

The Laboratory Sciences Committee will address the advent of novel nonfactor therapies and the practice of monitoring replacement therapy in their two professional sessions taking place on June 16.

The WFH Musculoskeletal Committee will offer two sessions on June 17. The first session on synovitis and synovectomy will address the current understanding of synovitis and its treatment options. The second session will feature three controversial topics debated by experts in the field.

The WFH Psychosocial Committee will present two professional sessions on June 18. The first session will explore the ways in which social workers can assist youth with bleeding disorders in career choices and help them develop skills that will prepare them for employment. The second session will explore the challenges that affect communication between HTC team members and the patients and families they serve.

The Nurses Committee will present two sessions on Friday, June 19. As the role of hemophilia nurses continues to expand globally, they are practicing at ever-more advanced levels, delivering completely nurse-led care. The sessions will cover best evidence-based practices and will also look at how the role of the nurse in delivering care that will change dramatically over the coming years.

For updates on the WFH Virtual Summit: Connecting the Global Bleeding Disorders Community, please click here. Our online program now includes detailed session descriptions. Click here to read more about our experienced faculty.

The WFH Virtual Summit will be held in English with closed captioning* in French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic for all Plenaries, WFH, Multidisciplinary and Medical Sessions.

*Closed captioning is only available for desktop users. Mobiles devices, including cell phones and tablets, are not compatible with the closed captioning software.