2016 WFH Awards Ceremony: Help us celebrate those who have made a difference

Every day, thousands of people around the world help make a difference in the field of bleeding disorders. Making a difference comes in many forms, from a modest gesture of kindness to someone in need to lifelong dedication to research.

Every two years, the WFH has the immense privilege of recognizing some of the men and women who have helped—and continue to help—push the vision of “Treatment For All” forward.

Tomorrow, at 12:15, the 2016 WFH Awards Ceremony will be held in room 205 of the convention centre. The 45-minute event will recognize people who have made a significant impact in the field of bleeding disorders. Many of these people are professional researchers and physicians who have found their calling in helping people with bleeding disorders. Others are volunteers who have graciously given time to the WFH and our affiliates. Each of them is deserving of being recognized for their efforts. We hope you’ll be there tomorrow and join in on the applause for these generous individuals.