Connecting the community through sound and music

Last week during the NHF Annual Meeting, the music of Blood Vibrations was available for listening at the Blood Work exhibition of music and art at the NHF Annual Meeting.

This exhibition was coordinated by FOLX—an organization focused on presenting diverse backgrounds in bleeding disorders.

Blood Vibrations is a grassroots project that collects sound and music created by people in the bleeding disorders community. The goal of the project is to provide a forum for creativity, expression, sharing and learning.

Four albums of music have been compiled so far. Some songs specifically address the challenges of living with a bleeding disorder, while other songs are about everything and anything in life. The project is open to anyone anywhere with a bleeding disorder. All submissions to date have been from people living in the United States. Given the range of global experiences with bleeding disorders and the universal language of music and art, the project presents an opportunity for raising awareness and growing community.

Attending the WFH 2016 World Congress is vital for experiencing international perspectives on bleeding disorders. There is much to learn about each other and ourselves.  Blood Vibrations and FOLX are committed to providing a forum for this learning via creative expression.

Explore music and art created by bleedings disorders community members and share your own works at and