The WFH eLearning Platform launches: one stop for easy access to all bleeding disorder resources

The WFH is proud to announce the launch of a major advance in its educational resources for the bleeding disorders community at the 2016 World Congress: the WFH eLearning Platform. Designed to support education worldwide, the portal puts content and tools at the fingertips of anyone with a computer or mobile device and an internet connection.

The WFH eLearning Platform brings together introductory information and more in-depth resources in eight themed eLearning centres: Inherited Bleeding Disorders, Introduction to Hemophilia, Carriers and Women with Hemophilia, Inhibitors, Prophylaxis, von Willebrand Disease, Rare Clotting Factor Deficiencies, and Inherited Platelet Disorders. This intuitive grouping greatly facilitates access to the many invaluable resources that the WFH offers the bleeding disorders community.

Filtered search queries of the hundreds of resources in the WFH collection complement the eLearning centres. Searches can be narrowed down by category (article, book, fact sheet, etc.), resource type (webinar, ePoster, video, etc.), author, or language. And of course, Google-like keyword searching is just a few keystrokes away. Users can also make use of a powerful interactive resource navigation tool that lets them explore content through the six pillars of the WFH Comprehensive Development Model: government support, care delivery, medical expertise (including multidisciplinary), treatment products, patient organizations, and data collection and outcomes research. What’s more, the platform lets users know about recently added material, and even gives them a glimpse into what information is most frequently consulted by other users.

“The WFH is committed to supporting the bleeding disorders community internationally,” explains Alain Weill, WFH President. “And one of the best ways to provide that support is by providing easy access to educational resources, whether that’s illustrated explanations for a recently diagnosed child, technical demonstrations that help a laboratory scientist efficiently perform a diagnostic assay, or an interactive module that brings the complex content of the Treatment Guidelines to life for patient advocates and healthcare professionals. The new WFH eLearning Platform does all of this by making our bleeding disorders educational resources easily available to anyone and everyone.”

Available tools cover nearly everything someone involved in the field of bleeding disorders could need, including interactive modules presenting the WFH Guidelines for the Management of Hemophilia, a laboratory manual, an online registry of clotting factor concentrates, a pictorial introduction to hemophilia, and a compendium of assessment tools.

Once a user has found educational content to explore, the eLearning Platform offers them powerful functionality to help them access exactly what they’re looking for, quickly and easily. For example, lab manual demonstration videos are complemented by complete searchable transcripts and even the ability to instantly jump to specific sections of the video corresponding to keywords of interest.

The WFH eLearning Platform officially launched at the 2016 World Congress, where delegates could test drive it at the  WFH Resource Center.  There are already hundreds of educational resources available and new content is constantly being added. Visit to take a look for yourself right now, and learn more about the bleeding disorder topics of interest to you.

Note: this article was updated by the WFH on September 6, 2016.