WFH signs memorandum of understanding with the Asia Pacific Hemophilia Working Group to support healthcare professionals in the region

The World Federation of Hemophilia will collaborate with the Asia Pacific Hemophilia Working Group (APHWG) to help improve care for people with hemophilia and other hereditary bleeding disorders in the Asia Pacific region.

The APHWG consists of clinicians managing hemophilia from countries across the regions and is led by Alok Srivastava.

The pilot phase for this collaboration will begin this fall, with both parties sharing work plans for 2016 and 2017. This will ensure that development work done in the Asia Pacific region will be complementary and will support existing WFH program activities. The primary focus of the APHWG will be on education, training and research.

The WFH will continue its outreach efforts in the Asia Pacific region and believes this partnership will benefit those most in need, furthering our vision of ensuring Treatment for All.


Photo credit: Maurizio De Angelis. Wellcome Images.