Converse and learn with Braindate

The World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) 2018 World Congress offers attendees a number of different ways of learning more about bleedings disorders, such as plenaries, workshops and networking opportunities. Congress also offers participants the opportunity to expand your knowledge by having one-on-one conversations with liked-minded people. The challenge though, is connecting with people who share your interests, or who have similar backgrounds. How do you meet those like-minded people and spark meaningful conversations?

The answer is through “Braindate”. This novel service makes it easy to connect with people and have quick conversations that are both productive and fun. Braindates are one-on-one—or group—conversations that you book with other participants based on your discussion interests. Because you know the topic of conversation before you meet with your Braindate, all barriers to networking and conversation disappear—and you’re able to get to a meaningful conversation right away.

Through Braindate, participants can discuss topics relevant to them at that very moment, across disciplines and with actual practitioners. An attendee can post a very timely and precise topic which might not be covered in the main program, then meet people from various backgrounds and fields of expertise to talk about that topic.

The concept—in a nutshell—is this: find a topic you want to discuss, and Braindate will help you meet people who also share your interest to talk about that topic. Here’s a short video that explains the benefit of using Braindate at this month’s Congress:

The process for using Braindate is simple:

  1. Log into Braindate to create your profile via the WFH Meetings app or
  2. Explore the topic market, where all participants (including you!) post the knowledge they are willing to share
  3. Pick something you want to learn more about, or create your own topic
  4. Book your Braindates
  5. Meet in person at WFH 2018 World Congress at the Braindate Lounge at the appointed time. Our learning concierges will be ready to greet you and help get you started with your conversation partner.

To get started, download the WFH Meetings mobile app and navigate to the Braindate button!