The global bleeding disorders community @ Glasgow, Scotland

The World Federation of Hemophilia’s (WFH) 2018 World Congress is the largest international meeting for the global bleeding disorders community, with sessions and talks that will cover the latest developments, breakthroughs and challenges facing the community today. It’s also an ideal opportunity to meet some of the top people in the field, network with like-minded colleagues, and browse the latest free WFH educational resources.

Engaged people from around the world will come together this May in Glasgow, Scotland, with a shared commitment to help improve the quality of life for those living with a bleeding disorder—despite coming from different backgrounds, languages and cultures. There’s a very special energy to WFH Congresses that comes from the truly global nature of the event. While walking through the exhibition hall, or attending a session, participants are immediately treated to a spark of dynamism and friendly atmosphere. In speaking with participants, the powerful and tangible sense of community is felt right away.

Glasgow will welcome the world this May. So, let the energy and enthusiasm of the WFH Congress—and the friendly people of Glasgow—shape your experience. Whether you’re a patient, physician, donor, volunteer, or part of one of the many national member organizations that make up the WFH, join us at the 2018 World Congress and help make a difference.

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