Global networking at the WFH 2018 World Congress

Technology has done much to make the world a smaller place: it’s never been easier for members of the global bleeding disorders community to keep in touch, no matter where they live. But there’s also something to be said about the power of face-to-face networking.

The WFH 2018 World Congress is a unique opportunity to meet people and make new contacts, strengthen existing ones, or have in-person meetings to quickly move forward on important projects. If you are planning on attending, why not reach out to your colleagues to see who else is going so that you can plan to meet in person? With more than 4,000 delegates expected to attend, there’s a strong chance that you’ll be able to connect with someone.

There’s something for everyone at the Congress—that’s why attendees come from many different backgrounds. There will be with people with hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders, hematologists and other clinicians, allied health professionals, academic and clinical researchers, blood services officials, regulators, not-for-profit community members, and industry experts. So if you’re a physician interested in meeting with other physicians to discuss a recent scientific development, you are sure to meet a likeminded person. Or if you are trying to meet someone from the community to discuss something from the scientific program, the Congress is an opportunity to quickly meet many people in a short period of time and find that right professional match.

There are many ways for attendees to network at the Congress. The Scottish Event Campus (SEC) is Scotland’s premier location for exhibitions, conferences, and events. This inviting venue has a number of informal places for you to meet other people, from the exhibition area, to the halls of the venue, to those moments before and after events when people are happy to chat and share their thoughts. The WFH 2018 World Congress also offers more formal avenues for networking, such as the Opening Ceremony, the Welcome Reception, the Closing Ceremonies, the many workshops being held during the Congress, and, of course, the host country networking reception.

The WFH will also be offering a new way for attendees to network using the power of technology: WFH Connect. During Congress, anyone will be able to easily get in touch with other participants by setting up an online profile on WFH Connect. Attendees will then be able to list their knowledge-sharing offers and requests for knowledge, and set up meetings with other people interested in networking in advance of the Congress. A reception desk will ensure participants can find each other onsite. Be sure to visit the Congress website in early 2018 to learn more.

No matter what kind of networking you do at the Congress, know that your very presence makes a difference in the community. By simply attending, you are sending a strong signal to governments and industry members that the global bleeding disorders community is a committed, strong and dynamic one.

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