WFH 2018 World Congress: Your Attendance Means the World to Our Community

Frank Schnabel, the founder of the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH), opened the first WFH Congress on June 25, 1963, with these words: “The threat to the life of just one haemophiliac would be sufficient reason for us to travel to this meeting. We are here, however, to help the hundreds of thousands of haemophiliacs by adding another organization which can be instrumental, in liaison with national societies.”

Over 50 years later, these words still ring true. The WFH is still focused on the idea of a community of people of action working to help the bleeding disorders community. This is the reason why thousands of people will come together in the name of Treatment for All at the WFH 2018 World Congress in Glasgow, Scotland, this May. By supporting our Congress, participants will be a community of action—and helping to back the many WFH-led programs that are shaping the evolution of bleeding disorders care.

As a global federation, the WFH needs to have a wide range of programs in order to support the many needs of the bleeding disorders community. Our programs cover government support, care delivery, medical expertise, distribution of donated treatment products, patient organization data collection, and outcomes research. The idea is that help is need in many ideas, so we need to invest our time and energy in many areas. This approach has allowed us to develop many programs that have helped to make a difference in our community, such as the Cornerstone Initiative, our many Country Programs, the Global Alliance for Progress (GAP), the Twinning Program, the IHTC Fellowship Program, NMO Training, IEQAS, and, of course, the Humanitarian Aid Program. These efforts have delivered measurable results. In 2016, WFH healthcare development programs and activities reached a total of 122 countries worldwide. From January to June 2017 alone, the Humanitarian Aid program was instrumental in delivering 97 million IUs of donated treatment products to people in need.

Be Part of the Discussion

The WFH Congress is where stakeholders come together in the same place to help guide the decisions that will lead to future solutions. Be part of discussions that will impact the future of the bleeding disorders community. By attending the Congress, you’re supporting WFH programs, and joining a team of people who want to play an active role in the evolving world of bleeding disorders care. The many talks that happen during Congress are an opportunity for participants to learn about new developments in the industry and how they will impact the community. This is the way to have your voice heard.

Participating in Congress allows the dedicated work of the WFH to continue, and we encourage you to take part.

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