World Federation of Hemophilia welcomes new WFH CEO Alain Baumann

The World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH), an international non-profit that provides global leadership to improve and sustain care for people with inherited bleeding disorders, has announced the appointment of Alain Baumann as WFH CEO.

He brings to this position over 35 years of  professional international experience, with a proven track record in non-profit organizations, as well as in the business healthcare sector. Alain Baumann will officially begin with the WFH on August 3, 2015.


“The WFH welcomes the vision, professional dedication, and international experience that Alain will bring to the global bleeding disorders community,” said Alain Weill, WFH President. “In his role as CEO, he is well positioned to guide the WFH in implementing its vision and mission.”

Most recently, Alain Baumann was the Executive Director for AOSpine International, the largest community of global spine surgeons. Prior to this, he was the Director, Healthcare Community, for the World Economic Forum. It is through these strategic leadership positions, along with his extensive corporate healthcare experience, that he will be able to effectively lead the WFH through the implementation of the WFH 2015-2017 Strategic Plan and beyond.

“It is an honour to take on this important leadership role within the WFH,” said Alain Baumann. “I intend to guide the WFH on advancing its vision of Treatment for All as there is so much more work to do for the global bleeding disorders community. Working with the WFH national member organizations, our Board, the WFH committees, our volunteers, as well as the dedicated professional staff will help bring us closer to achieving this ultimate goal.”

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