World Hemophilia Day 2021—Adapting to change: sustaining care in a new world

April 17, 2021 is World Hemophilia Day. The theme of the event this year is “Adapting to change: sustaining care in a new world”. This important event is about bringing the global bleeding disorders community together. With the COVID-19 pandemic having a major impact on people with a bleeding disorder, that objective has never been more important. Our community is made up of a great diversity of people—from patients and their families, to carers, physicians and researchers—each of whom has been affected by the pandemic in a different way. We need to continue providing support to these people now, and in the future once the pandemic has passed. The world has changed greatly over the last year, but one thing hasn’t: we are still in this together, and we will always be stronger together as a community in our shared vision of “Treatment for All”.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has made life challenging for people with a bleeding disorder—but we can’t stop striving for Treatment for All. World Hemophilia Day is a platform for showing the world that our community is resilient and we will overcome this new challenge as we have overcome other challenges in the past.”
— Cesar Garrido, WFH President

Get involved and show how you have adapted to change and helped sustain care in a new world!


Write on on (live in April 2021) about how you or someone you know has adapted to change in the last year



Participate in the World Hemophilia Day Light it Up Red! campaign. Last year, thousands of people worldwide show their support—while social distancing—by lighting up nearly 100 landmarks in cities across the world.



Share pictures with us through FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn


Tell the world how you’re getting involved on April 17 on social media using the following hashtags: #WorldHemophiliaDay, #WHD2020, and #LightItUpRed



Download resources to help build your World Hemophilia Day Campaign and to learn more about the day from the WFH World Hemophilia Day webpage



Contact your national member organization (NMO) to find out how you can support them in a safe way on World Hemophilia Day


Engage local media to let them know how your community is marking the big day


Donate to the WFH to help us continue supporting the community through the pandemic and for long-term sustainability


Organize a virtual fundraising event as a show of solidarity for community members adapting to a changed global reality


Send pictures, comments or questions to the WFH at [email protected]