Young Voices: Cultivating the next generation of leaders

Addressing an attentive audience at the WFH 2014 World Congress session on Leadership Development Strategies, former WFH president (2004–2012) Mark Skinner was emphatic in his call for the bleeding disorders community to plan for leadership succession.

Many national and local patient organizations have been led by the same individuals for many years, and while they have been highly successful and motivated leaders, what happens when they retire?

“To develop into willing leaders, young people need to be given the opportunity to contribute their own ideas and develop their own leadership style.”

Young Voices is a series of online articles that is designed to help identify, mobilize and empower future leaders in the global bleeding disorders community to effect positive change.

The future strength of the WFH and of its national member organizations lies in its commitment to inspiring leaders who can work every day towards advancing the common vision of Treatment for All. The problem for many patient organizations is that they struggle to engage young adults within their communities and there is a need to inspire more active participation. The Young Voices series of articles is an attempt to bridge the gap and get youth involved.

By providing youth with the opportunities to get involved and to lead, the WFH is demonstrating confidence in their abilities, interest in their opinions, and fosters deeper commitment, and open communication.

New articles addressing the interests of young leaders will continue to be published every two months: